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How is the internet connection in my apartment arranged?

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For apartments there are a different situations in regard to acquiring an internet connection, which are;
- Shared internetconnection, wired or wireless
- Ziggo availability
- KPN availability

It is important that before you register for a connection that you make yourself aware of the options for your apartment, some complexes only offer a shared connection, while others only offer Ziggo or KPN.
If you are unsure what is available, please contact us before signing up to a contract, as the provider might not accept cancellation.

 When you are signing up for Ziggo, make sure you have the following (Abonnee Overname Punt, also known as AOP) in your apartment:

It's important that the green cable is there/visible, below we can see a picture of a coax connection, but it's not an AOP, so you can't use it to subscribe to Ziggo.


When signing up for KPN (or from any other carrier that uses the telephony line) please ensure you have the following in your apartment:

If you cannot find these in your apartment always contact us first before signing up.

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