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Rental terminations

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  • 12-07-2023 15:50

What is my notice period?
Your contract, under Article 3, states what your minimum rental period is,
if these have expired, it is not possible for you to cancel the rent.
Please note that a rental termination is only processed per calendar month
can become.

I want to cancel my rent
If you want to terminate your rental, you can send an email to
Is it not possible to cancel the rent by e-mail? Then it is possible for you to
send to the address below:
- My partner and I have split up, how do I cancel my rent?
If you and your partner separate, you must send a document
containing the notice of termination of the lease. Please note: this must be used by both you
be signed as your partner.

How should my home be delivered?
When you moved into the house, you were allowed a check-in report
received. This includes photos and items and signed by at the time
both parties. This is therefore a guideline for how the house should look like
show up during checkout.

Do we get a pre-inspection prior to check-out?
Before we schedule a check-out, we will first contact you for a
pre-inspection. In this we will indicate what we expect the house to look like
as soon as we will carry out the check-out. When this pre-inspection will take place
you will be notified by email.


When will my deposit be paid?
The end date of your rental period is leading for the settlement of your deposit.
You will be notified by email no later than 6 weeks after the end date of the rented property
received on your security deposit. Any questions/comments will be answered before then
not answered: not by mail and not by telephone. After the final inspection you will receive a
report received digitally, in which any damage or damage or
comments are listed. The final inspection will be carried out in the weeks that follow
compared to the initial inspection. Any deviations or repairs
are carried out and the invoices thereof are collected. Once the file
complete, you will be notified.


Can my deposit be used as the last month's rent?
Unfortunately it is not possible to use your deposit for the latter
rent payment. You must pay your rent until the confirmed end date. The
The deposit is intended as security for the rented property in accordance with the check-in report
(drawn up at the start of the rental period).


When will the check-out take place?
You will receive the exact date of the check-out by e-mail. We kindly request
you to flexibly schedule the last two working days of the month, so that we have a
schedule checkout. Unfortunately, we cannot offer much flexibility in this regard
as a number of homes are being checked out.

Unfortunately I can't be present during an inspection, can I someone
It is possible to authorize a family member, friend or acquaintance for one
inspection. However, you must confirm this to us in writing, including name and a
copy of the ID of the person you want to authorize.

Can I terminate the rental agreement early?
Unfortunately, we cannot indicate in advance whether it is possible to cancel the contract
terminate early. You can submit a request for this with to discuss the possibilities.

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